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              OUR ADVANTAGE

              PRODUCT CENTER

              • whjc059 Large outdoor inflatable wedding banquet tent

              • whjc010 t photography changing clothes tent

              • whjc013 Outdoor camping camp tents

              • whjc214 PVC tarpaulin

              ABOUT US

              Beijing Fivering Jingcheng Tent Co., Ltd.

              Established in 2008, Beijing Fivering Jingcheng Tent Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and trader, specialized in the research, development and production of tent and tarpaulin. we serve customers across a wide range of product from Military tents. ,Awning room and tarpaulin to inflatable swimming toys,Now we are in deep cooperation with some Freign customer 

              We are located in Daxing Industrial Area, Beijing, with convenient transportation access. All of our products comply with international quality standards Iso9001 and are greatly popular in a variety of different markets throughout the world...


              ENTERPRISE HONOR

              • 9000 certificate

              • Pool trademark certification

              • Five rings sincere brand certification

              • Quality management system

              • China market quality integrity service AAA unit

              NEWS CENTER

              OUR CUSTOMERS

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